Belts for technological transport for all industries and processing, for operation at normal and increased temperatures up to 1100°C. There is no possibility to present and describe all the belts manufactured in our factory, therefore, we present only some of them, which are more known

Conveyor belts

Pre-crimped and multi notched wire screens and nets are used in many industries. They are made of top quality wires manufactured both in Poland and abroad, in accordance with applicable standards.

Wire screens and nets

Woven nets with square mesh of size under 2.0 mm

They are manufactured from wire with a round section from the following materials:
- unalloyed black steel, galvanized or tin-plated, 
- alloy stainless steel 1.43010 grade, 
- non-ferrous metals, copper, brass, bronze.

Techical fabrics

DAE type (Decoration - Architectonic – Elevation)

DAWID Company together with SANDVIK Company is a creator of the new product – DAE type net (an absolute innovation on the market). These nets are made of acid-resistant wires alternated with the special coloured chrome-nickel strip named DECOREX. A special colouring technology gives it a very high abrasion resistance. Strips can have various width (5 - 70 mm) colours.

Architectonic nets

Thanks to investments and continuous improvement, DAWID is a leading producer of mesh panel fencing on the Polish market.

The mesh panel fences offered by our company are present everywhere and are used for an increasingly wider range of purposes. We produce fencing for industrial facilities, private property, housing estates, supermarkets, sports facilities, schools, kindergartens, playgrounds. We also fence streets, bus stops, bike paths and parking lots.

Panel fencing

Fencing at transport application

Fencing is a contemporary synonym of safety. DAWID has been a leading manufacturer of safe fences used in cities for many years. We produce fencing for playgrounds, enclosed housing estates, houses, companies and schools. We now also install fences separating streets, bus stops and cycling paths. It is worth to note that our fences are not only safe, but also esthetic and adapted to urban architecture.

Fencing at transport application

Gabions are cubicoid baskets in different sizes appropriate for requirements of civil engineering projects. They are made of wire gauze with hexagonal mesh from wires joined by twisting. In the production thick zinc plated wires* are used or even the latest generation wires that are coated with the so-called aluzinc (CRAPAL, BEZINAL). All and any kinds of wire can be additionally covered with PVC that improves their anticorrosive properties and enhances their aesthetic values.


Welded DAWID gabions are used for construction of anti-erosion revetments on slopes and under water or for construction of retaining structures. In particular: 

  • retaining structures supporting or replacing, partially or fully, earth structures, revetments of water reservoirs or of transport facilities adjacent to such reservoirs, construction sites or reinforcement of bridge supports and other transport structures and equipment;
Welded Gabions